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VIP Very Important Professionals: K2’s Kevin Horton

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Natalie Pearson

Our first VIP, or Very Important Professional, interview is with Kevin Horton, the director of K2, a Liverpool-based architecture practice.

Let’s find out what this top architect has to say about the architectural industry, his reasons for pursuing this line of work, and his advice for those interested in a career in architecture:

You’re a director at K2. How would you describe your role?

Since 2009, my challenge has been to build an architectural practice from the ground up. My main responsibilities are for the strategic development and growth of the business. We now have 13 full time staff, who are regularly shortlisted for design awards at national and international level. So far, so good!

Why is it an exciting time to work at K2?

The practice is going from strength to strength, we have a diverse range of clients and some truly exciting projects. We continue to build on the strong presence the practice has throughout the North West and increasingly in the capital.

What’s the toughest aspect of your job?

Being able to operate within tight budgetary constraints without compromising on the quality of design.

How does the industry continue to inspire you?

We have an excellent client base who consistently challenge us to deliver creative and original solutions; the benefits of which should reach far into the future.

Why did you become an architect?

I always had a passion for drawing and wanted to create things. Architecture was attractive to me because I could have something I had designed realised in real life. Over the years, I have come to understand that being an architect is much more than that, it’s about how people interact with their environment; how buildings, spaces, and places can encourage physiological and psychological well-being for both users and the local community.

Tell me about the greatest achievement in your architectural career to date.

My track record (initially with Liverpool ONE and more recently at Festival Gardens) has facilitated the delivery of creative, critically acclaimed large-scale urban solutions.

What advice would you give to anyone just embarking upon their career in architecture?

Challenge everything you do to produce exemplar designs. Become commercially aware. Build social networks, be generous with your time, and engage with all types of people.