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VIP Very Important Professionals: Morecroft’s Alison Lobb

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Natalie Pearson

Our second VIP interview is with Alison Lobb, the Managing Partner of Morecroft's, one of Liverpool’s oldest Family Law Solicitors and most respected Private and Commercial Law Firms.

Alison spoke to us about her current role, why she got into the law industry, her career and what advice she would give to her younger self.

As Managing Partner of Morecrofts how would you describe your role?

Different every day!  My role is to lead on the strategy of the firm, to develop and retain business, and raise and maintain our profile.  I am responsible as well for managing risk and compliance, and for the training and development of all our people.  At a firm as old as ours, I also feel a strong sense of being the latest custodian of a historic institution!

Why did you choose a career in Law?

I chose a law degree at the outset as it was a good degree to do, but also because I was attracted by the investigative, problem solving aspect of the job.  In practice I then found this was enhanced by the pleasure in helping clients achieve positive outcomes and solutions to their problems.

What do out most enjoy about your role?

Watching people grow. learn and develop and go on to flourish and succeed in their careers – hopefully to establish the next generation of Morecrofts’ partners!!

How would you describe your career over the years?

A lot of hard work which paid off!  I think it’s important to realise that we never stop learning and that qualification is just the first step on the road, everyone needs to continue developing and learning from others, and absorbing knowledge and experience from the fabulous lawyers around them.

Can you tell us about one of your greatest achievements in your career? 

As a fee-earner, settling a very complex claim (that we nearly didn’t even proceed with), for several million, enabling my disabled client to have comfort and security for the rest of his life.  Personally, being elected managing partner of the firm in 2014, with the unanimous support of my fellow partners.

What career advice do you wish you could give to your younger self? 

Be confident, ask as many questions as you need and never worry that you will look stupid if you don’t know.

Come back in December to see who our next VIP will be.