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Beat The New Year Jobs Rush

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Natalie Pearson

Christmas is just around the corner and many professionals are putting off their job search until the new year, but now is the best time of the year to get ahead in the job market. Here are a few reasons why you should keep searching for your next role.

Less Competition

From now, until December 30th is the least competitive time of the year to look for a job as many professionals put their search on hold until January. Just because it’s November and December, it doesn’t mean that businesses will still not need key members of staff or have deadlines to meet. So, if you choose to look for a new job right away, you will be up against much fewer candidates than usual, making your chance of landing the role much higher. 

Business Plans

The winding down at the end of the year is the time when organisations take a step back and look forward to how they will achieve their goals in 2018. This means companies will be actively investing in hiring new talent to start in January.  

New Year, New Start

Something about the New Year always sparks feelings of a clean slate, where you can return refreshed and ready for new challenges. This will also give you time to settle into 2018 alongside the rest of your new colleagues, rather than once they’re all up and running. You may also receive garden leave from your current role, giving you more time to enjoy Christmas with family and friends.

A Good Impression

Not waiting until the New Year to find your next role means you can take advantage of the career opportunities that are available right away. You’ll also make a good impression as a proactive candidate who is serious about finding your next role.

We have numerous interviews available within the legal and property sectors. A new job, with better pay and prospects, is a great way to end your year! If you are a property or legal professional searching for a new job, or you wish to fill key positions within your team before the start of 2018, get in touch with Kingsley’s recruitment consultants today.