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Commuters Priced off UK Trains

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Natalie Pearson

Train fares across the UK have risen by an average of 3.4% as we entered 2018. This is the highest increase in fares since 2013. Commuters have woken up in 2018 with mild hangovers and another headache, courtesy of The Department of Transport who have said prices were capped in line with inflation and will improve the network.

RMT research found that fares have risen twice as much as people’s wages since 2010, with figures showing rail tickets increasing by 32% and average weekly earnings only increasing by 16%. Campaigners and Unions say people are being priced off trains. Furious commuters are protesting at stations across the UK.

Raja Amin, an organiser for the RMT union, said “while the fares are going up, they are cutting staff. Our campaign is that this doesn't make sense at all."

Commuters in the south have been hit the hardest with some commuters now begrudgingly joining the ‘£5k commuter club’. Season tickets to London are already above £5,000 from places such as Milton Keynes (£5,028 to London) and Portsmouth and Southsea in Hampshire (£5,048).

To add salt to the wound, Network Rail earned £5m in 12 months from people using toilets in railway stations. Many feel the high cost is not reflected in the service quality currently being offered with long queues in the morning for tickets, rises in ‘park and ride’ costs, lengthy delays and a lack of seating available during peak times.

Andy McDonald, the shadow transport secretary, said the railway network was "fractured, expensive and complex".

The disheartening conclusion is that rail fares will only ever increase and those looking for job roles, particularly in London, may well be priced out. If you’re ready to move jobs due to rising train fares, or any other issues, then get in touch. With roles across the UK, from a wide range of reputable clients, we’re in the best position to help you find something suitable.