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How Not To Dress At Your Interview

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Natalie Pearson

It’s important to look your best for any job interview, here are our top ten tips for how you should not be dressing when first meeting your potential employer:

1. It’s not a night out

You need to find the balance between looking great and looking suitably professional. Think subtle and simple, especially if you’re wearing makeup. Don’t have too many shirt buttons undone, keep yourself looking smart and sharp.

2. Creasing up

Make sure you run an iron over whatever you’re wearing the night before, a wrinkled shirt just screams lack of effort.

3. Forget your feet

So, you’re wearing crisp, clean clothes, but your shoes are scuffed and marked. This will be noticed by the interviewer, so polish your shoes and it might be worth investing in new ones if they’ve seen better days.

4. Dressing down

While it does depend on the office environment that you could potentially be joining, and your recruitment consultant can help you with this, turning up with zero effort put into your appearance will not go down well. Always check in advance so you know what level of professionalism is required.

5. Wearing the wrong colours

Can the colour of the clothes you wear to an interview have a negative effect on your job chances? Some psychiatrists believe so, and they say that you should avoid large amounts of brown, yellow, and red attire.

6. To tie or not to tie

If you’re a male professional and you’re not sure if you need to wear a tie to your job interview, then wear a tie. It’s better to be too formal than not formal enough.

7. Stubble

Nowadays, it is not always important to be cleanshaven in the office, with many employers being much more accepting of beards, moustaches, and what my nan would call “designer stubble”. However, if you are in that in between area of facial-hair growth and an interview comes up, it might be safest to just shave beforehand. You can always grow it back.

8. Inappropriately dressed

While this can often be a subjective one, and does seem to disproportionately affect female job seekers, it is best to err on the side of caution and dress conservatively.

9. Accessories

Similar to the point above, while your piercings and tattoos may not phase most people, dyed-in-the-wool employers may have different ideas about what your accessories mean. So, it is often best to cover up any visible tattoos and limit piercings to just one pair in the earlobe.

10. Having a frown

While not clothing, your general demeanour and how you hold yourself will have a big effect on your appearance. Be professional, yet friendly, and make it clear through your open body language that you want to be there. Hold out your hand first to give a firm handshake and a smile. You don’t have to be confident, but you can fake it till you make it!

We hope that the above top ten tips for how not to dress for your interview will help you to seal the deal and land that next step in your career. For additional help, speak to one of Kingsley’s recruitment consultants today.