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Inside The World Of A Recruiter

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Kelly Edwards

Have you ever wondered why you should use a legal recruitment consultant instead of applying direct to a law firm?
Before I started at Kingsley, my obvious answer would be that they sort out all the organising for an interview. Little did I know how much more they do, and how vital they are in the recruitment process.
Here I will explain some of the additional things you may not know:
Job roles
Not all law firms advertise their roles on their websites. At Kingsley, we have a very long list of clients and we are on a lot of the companies’ preferred supplier lists. So, if you're choosing to apply directly instead of using Kingsley, you could be losing out on a lot of law firms!
Your CV
You may think that your résumé looks great, that it's in some order, it gives the employment history and the necessary background information. However, the majority of the CVs that we see need that added bit of TLC. Boy, have we seen many!
When we receive a copy of your work history, we like to take the time to go through it with you, so we can fully explain what you currently do and what achievements you have gained. It's a bit like a story telling of your own life really. It just gives us a thorough understanding of where you are up to in your legal career and how you want to progress, so when we are recommending putting you forward for a role, we know everything about you.
We will also format your CV so that everything is clear, concise, and in the right chronological order. This is incredibly important, as your résumé needs to stand out from the rest given the highly competitive market.
Application process
When we apply for your role, we know who exactly to contact. Remember, we have built strong and loyal relationships with our clients, so we will always receive acknowledgement that they have received your application. We will also know when the closing date is and when they're reviewing CVs.
Furthermore, we will know about the job specification in detail and what the client is paying. We can even provide you with updates on your application from the beginning. This means that you won't have to worry about whether your CV has been lost, or if it's in the right pair of hands. Nor about the hassle of always chasing up your application and, more importantly, whether you are actually being considered for your dream job. Sounds good right!
Now that the paperwork is done, and you've bagged that important interview, let’s take things to the next level!
Interview preparation
So you've been requested for an interview, yay! We take the time to meet all candidates before you have your appointment, so we can help you with your interview preparation. If you're wondering why, let me explain.
We know and understand our clients inside and out. We’ve met with them, we know what they're looking for, and what they are expecting. We will also put our detective hat on to find out what technical questions and competency queries are going to be asked! We will do everything we possibly can to help you.
Interview feedback
After your interview, we will find out how you felt it went, any questions you forgot to find out, and whether you feel the role is definitely your perfect job. If you're still feeling positive and can see yourself working there, we will obtain initial feedback for you. You wouldn't be able to do this if you applied direct!
After consideration, hopefully the firm loved you and they would like to make an offer! Hopefully the salary also matches your expectations. However, if it doesn't then we will negotiate your wage on your behalf. We will already know what you ideally want, so let us do all the talking! This is what we've been trained to do. It's better this way, so that you don't have to have that awkward conversation regarding salary with your future boss.
Overall, save yourself the hard work and let us do it all for you. That's what we're here for. So, contact us today and let us find your perfect dream job.