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Interviewing: Research the Company Before You Go

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Natalie Pearson

One of the most frequently asked questions at interview is “what do you know about the company?" While it can catch some candidates off guard and not knowing about the company is sure-fire way to make the interviewer think you aren’t interested in the company. But a little bit of homework can go a long way.

What you should look at:

  • You need to know the basics. What the organisation does. Who do they work with? How many employees?
  • Check out the company’s corporate website
  • Take a look at the news section and use google news to check if they have been in the press recently
  • Another good titbit to find is when was the firm was founded and by who?
  • Take a note of corporate mission statements and the vision of the organisation. This can give you a real insight into the firm and its culture
  • Look at competitors and trade press to see what is going on in the industry

Go social:

  • Check out LinkedIn and other social media. This can give you an insight into what image the portrays
  • Looking at the interviewers LinkedIn can you also be useful, and their experiences
  • Websites like Glassdoor can also provide a wealth of information, and sometimes can give you further insights into the types of questions asked in interview and the culture of the company

The more you know, the better prepared you will be. The research you do will not only help you answer the question ‘what do you know about the company’ but also helps you formulate other answers during the interview.