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Is Your Lengthy Commute Damaging Your Health?

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Natalie Pearson

According to a recent study, the longer that employees have to travel to and from work, the less satisfied they will be with their job.

Following research at the University of the West of England, it was found that an increase of 20 minutes in commuting time equated to the same as a 19% pay cut. However, while many may wish to find job opportunities closer to home, more and more British professionals are having to commute for longer periods of time each year.

In fact, last year the Trades Union Congress (TUC) found that 3.7m workers in the UK are now travelling for more than 120 minutes each working day, while making their way to and from their jobs, which could be having a number of untoward effects upon their health and finances.

The mental impact

Not only might such long commutes be costing professionals more in terms of transport costs, but the often stressful British commute through the dark and cold can be having a negative impact upon workers’ health, both physical and mental.

With 3.7m, or one in every seven, commuters hitting this two-hour limit, it can cut down on their career satisfaction and time spent socialising. This, in turn, means that commuting times can greatly affect people’s work-life balance, with less time left for families and relaxation.

Lengthy commutes have also been linked to loneliness, as well as increases in stress and anxiety levels, with travel times only getting longer. For example, the TUC study, which looked at data from 2015, revealed that there had been a 32% rise in the number of professionals commuting two hours per day since 2010.

The business cost

Employers should also take note, as lower levels of job satisfaction can lead to a decrease in productivity, meaning that a long commute can cost businesses too. It has been suggested that one way of combatting this could be for employers to introduce more flexible working hours, as well as providing social benefits and stimulation to their workers.

Here at Kingsley, we understand that professionals can only work at their best when they are rested and well supported. It was also noted that cycling and walking to work had more positive effects on how jobs were perceived, which is why we have a flexitime for people attending the gym and promote a healthy lifestyle amongst our staff.