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Mr and Little Miss Need A Job

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Kelly Edwards

You may already love your job. This should mean you enjoy what you are doing and feel you are fulfilling what you have always wanted to do. If this is the case, fantastic news! However, if you have not yet found that dream role, you should first at least familiarise yourself with what type of person you are:
Little Miss Here-and-There
It's extremely common to have a bad day. We all have them, and I believe sadly it's part of life. However, for some of you, when you have that bad day you start thinking ‘I need a new job’, and may start applying for anything and everything. The next day you'll be fine, deciding that you don't want a new job until you have another bad day.
Mr No-Motivation
Working is not a priority for these types of people. Work is completed as quickly as possible so you can go home on the dot. You become disinterested in your job and struggle with your motivation.
Little Miss Excuses
Fed up of your job but don't do anything about it? You’ll say that you're too tired to job search, that you want to watch your favourite programme, or that you need to do the washing and cook dinner. In fact, you’ll do anything to avoid updating your CV, even though you acknowledge you need to. Does this sound like you?
Little Miss Pessimistic
This type of person lacks confidence and belief in themselves. They sadly do not think that they are good enough for progression or a new job, and are simply stuck in a rut.
Mr Greedy
Well, if it isn't the green eyed monster! We all know salary is an important part of any job. However, if you're reading this and believe you're this type of person, then you might be thinking too much about the pay packet and not enough about your career!
Little Miss Wait-and-See
Next year will be your year, won't it? How many times have you thought that? You are under appreciated, undervalued, and led to believe that one day you will get that promotion you so deserve!

NEWSFLASH – If it has not happened yet, if might never! Don't be deluded. If your current employer has not been able to recognise and provide you with that pay rise or promotion, then it might be time for you to start thinking about a new job, because, believe me, one man’s loss is another man’s gain! If you're this person, let's see how we can help progress your career.

So, now you know the type of person that you are, is it not time to do something about it?