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Ten Quirky Work Benefits

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Natalie Pearson

Many companies are coming up with ingenious ways to keep their hardworking staff satisfied in their jobs, as well as productive. With high employee moral being proven to help make teams more industrious, and the hidden costs of mishandling recruitment in the first place, employers are often bringing in working perks that help them to stand out from the crowd and retain staff.

In this vein, let’s take a look at the top ten quirky job benefits that people are being offered at work today:

1. Unlimited, paid leave

This one will appeal to professionals with wanderlust, with a growing number of businesses beginning to offer their employees unlimited holiday days.

2. Pets in the workplace

Whether they’re allowed from home or are official company pets, more and more animals are being admitted into the nation’s workspaces.

3. Free holidays

While paid vacations have been a staple of sales jobs for some time, particularly if targets are being hit, free holidays are seen as a way to reward hardworking employees for their efforts.

4. Freezing eggs

While controversial, as some believe that it may be an incentive for women to put off having families and prioritise work, some companies, particularly in the tech industry, are offering to pay for women to freeze and store their eggs.

5. Naps

Is it lazy to sleep at work or a way of ensuring that your staff stay well rested and productive? Whatever you believe about the benefits of sleeping at work, more and more businesses are permitting employees to nap on the job.

6. Free food

Are you a foodie? If so, firms like Google have been offering free food from their canteens for employees, meaning that staff members won’t have to worry about bringing in lunches with them.

7. Sabbaticals

Many people enjoy their downtime, so what better way to reward professionals that have been with a company for a few years than with an additional month of paid leave? This is one that Kingsley believes in.

8. Onsite check-ups

Health is of course important to our overall wellbeing, which is why some companies are bringing in doctors and dentists to check up on staff in the workplace. Not only are employees cared for, but they don’t have to take time off either.

9. Birthdays off

Another Kingsley favourite, many businesses will offer their team members an additional, ‘free’ day off to celebrate their birthday.

10. Live music

While it won’t suit all workplaces, some organisations, particularly Buzzfeed UK, host weekly performances by musicians at their offices for their staff to enjoy.

With many people spending long hours each week in work, adding quirky job perks such as the above are one way that businesses can maintain staff morale, as well as attract even more professionals to their doors.