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Kingsley Instrumental in Darling Associates Acquisition of Architect-CT

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It was a real pleasure working with Paul Brook, owner of Architect-CT, and his wife Vanessa, they were so passionate about their business and their priority was that their existing team would be happy with the new employer.

After we found the right fit, Darling Associates announced the acquisition of RIBA Chartered Architect-CT. The practice provides architect and interior design solutions to the leisure sector, with clients ranging from small breweries to large industry players.

The Sir John Hawkshaw in Cannon Street station and the Flying Chariot at Heathrow Airport, hotels such as Belsfield, a Laura Ashley Hotel in the Lake District and Hotel Indigo, Bath are just some of the projects Architect-CT have worked on over the years.

We were instrumental in the acquisition process, working with Architect-CT to identify a suitable practice whose ethos and values echoed those held by the firm.

Caroline Kingsley, Director of Kingsley, said, “We are delighted for both parties and we look forward to seeing Darling Associates expand into the North West.”

Chris Darling, Managing Director of Darling Associates, said he is looking forward to teaming up with Architect-CT to expand their portfolio of regional projects and skills in the hospitality sector.

Caroline Kingsley commented that mergers and acquisitions are becoming more prevalent as London based firms look to expand and take advantage of the buoyant North West market. This coupled with lower salaries and significantly lower office costs. Many organisations are looking to acquire businesses, so they can expand into new locations widening their service offering to clients. M&A is a smart way to develop current resources and capabilities and acquiring new talent can achieve competitive advantage in the market, particularly where skilled professionals are in short supply.

With the skills shortage looking to worsen over the next 10 years, it will be the organisations who think long-term and come up with strategies for acquiring and retaining talent that will be most successful.

Architect CT will initially continue to trade under that brand, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Darling Associates, with a gradual transition into the parent practice later this year.

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