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Longest Day Golf Challenge - Kingsley & Friends Raise Over £8,500 for Macmillan Cancer Support

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Natalie Pearson

Andrew Kingsley (Director of Kingsley), Andrew Buchanan (Director of Pubs and Brewing, Daniel Thwaites), Paul Robertshaw (Director, Robertshaw Decorators) and Simon Howard (Senior Consultant, Ludlow Wealth Management) took part in the Macmillan Longest Day Golf Challenge on Friday, tackling 72 holes in one day! The team walked over 26 miles, teeing off at 5.00am and playing till 9.20pm……. over 16 hours later!

Cancer has impacted the lives of each team member. Andrew Kingsley reflected on the great help Macmillan after his Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer “the support that Macmillan provided to both my parents was so welcome, which included driving Dad to his chemotherapy as well as assistance for my mum with financial matters.” 

Andrew Buchanan lost his sister earlier this year and said “Macmillan do great work and are so professional. My sister was helped enormously by them toward the end of last year and ultimately she lost her fight in January.” 

Simon Howard lost his Mum to cancer of the Oesophagus and says Macmillian “is something that is very close to my heart as I have seen what people go through when they are diagnosed with cancer and how important it is to have that support network.”

Paul Robertshaw’s mum was diagnosed three years ago with cancer in both lungs and “after two operations, chemotherapy and radiotherapy she has now been given the all clear! The people at Macmillan were amazing. Whether it was helping her with the day to day dealing with cancer or just a friendly person to speak to.”

The team are currently fourth on Macmillan leaderboard due to the impressive amount they’ve raised so far in sponsorship. Ultimately, they would like to raise more than they have so far totalled, so if you have anything you could give to this amazing charity please head to to donate.