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Very Important Professional: John Ogden, Managing Director at CBRE Manchester

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Natalie Pearson

Our latest VIP is John Ogden, Managing Director at CBRE for the Northern region. CBRE provides strategic property advice in all commercial and residential sectors. 

We spoke with John about his career so far, being made Managing Director at 30 and pulling late nights in the office.

As MD of Manchester at CBRE, How Would You Describe Your Role?
It’s a great job and very varied. Key responsibilities include; developing and executing the strategic plan to grow the regional business and deliver all business plan objectives, working with the senior leadership team. Leading the Regional team means I have direct responsibility for the planning and execution of hiring regional talent, succession and development of regional teams and to provide direction and strong leadership to the regional offices, ensuring that the culture and working environment is conducive to the ethos and values of CBRE. We’re proactively involved in developing ways of working to ensure all teams seek opportunities to collaborate in a client-centric manner. One of my main priorities is building strong customer and stakeholder relationships which is a rewarding part of the job.
How Do You Retain Talent?
You’ve got to pay top talent what they deserve but also give them good career paths. It’s about understanding them and treating them individually, everyone wants different things out of their job. The difference between the graduates coming into the business and employees around my age is that, we see life differently and it's good to get varied perspectives on things, we're a very inclusive business. If we can develop our people, nurture talent and give them a career path then we can keep our best people happy and fulfilled.
What Does The Second Half Of 2018 Have In Store For You & CBRE, Manchester?
The second half of the year will be all about hard work, as we seek to hit the high financial targets that we set ourselves at the beginning of the year and delivery of financial performance is the key focus.
How Would You Describe Your Career Over The Years?
I’ve enjoyed my career and I’ve worked in both large and small firms, with some great people and great clients, but the focus on clients has always been at the heart of everything. Being made MD of the Leeds office when I was 30 odd years old was a pretty sharp learning curve and one that was not always easy, as we managed our way through the economic downturn but we came out of it stronger, more profitable and with increased market share so I think we got it right. Describing my career to date in two words I’d say ‘ good fun ‘.
Can You Tell Us About One Of Your Greatest Achievements in Your Career?  
I can’t describe the single greatest achievement but there have been plenty of highs and, fortunately, not too many lows.
What Career Advice Do You Wish You Could Give To Your Younger Self? 
Go even harder at it, be the last out at night and first in the morning, and develop your client relationships as much as you can, as soon as you can. Find a mentor at the top of their game and follow their lead.
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