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Holidays are coming...but it's not too late to start finding quality candidates for the New Year

Blog 011   Holidays Are Coming

Caroline Kingsley

'Tis the season for most professionals to start evaluating their current roles. But with most posts already scheduled for the New Year, have you missed the boat?

The holiday spirit is well and truly upon us. The Christmas adverts are on, the tunes are jingling in every shop and the rush is on to complete the Christmas shopping before the queues build up. This is also the time when many start looking for new jobs.

While your company may be winding down and preparing for the Christmas party, Kingsley Recruitment sees November as an opportune time to secure the best talent and fill roles for the new year. In fact, the 27th and 28th of December is when we see a massive spike in applications from candidates. Now is the key time to plan your recruitment needs, and start posting adverts so you can have a fresh start in the new year.

Is it too late to start recruiting for 2019?

While we have already completed the majority of our clients’ recruitment for the first quarter of 2019, there’s still time to act.

It’s definitely not too late to start planning your recruiting needs and start finding some quality candidates for next year.

Using a professional recruitment agency will give you an expedited process to structure job adverts, target candidates and benefit from our industry knowledge and networks to find quality talent.

Why now?

  • 'Tis the decide your next move. With a slow down in work demands, this is the time of the year when professionals re-evaluate their current roles and priorities and consider opportunities for lateral moves or progression into more senior positions. It’s also when end of year bonuses are collected and people subsequently hand in their notice.
  • Avoid the rush. January is the busiest recruiting season with a mad scramble for talent. We see a massive uplift in job-seekers on the first working day in January. To capitalise on this surge, you need to start your planning and search now, so then you will be well positioned to get candidates up and running for the new year.
  • Network over mince pies. This period is also ideal for scheduling interviews and networking with passive candidates. While the Christmas party may be distracting for some, with a recruitment partner who knows your business, we can leverage our contacts and help you position yourself quickly and attract the professional candidates you want.
  • Get ahead of the competition. Starting in November is a strategic move, as in Q4, other companies will have slowed down their hiring, so by starting now, you will have access to a greater talent pool.
  • Get your new year off with a bang: We can manage the recruitment process so in 3 weeks you could be giving a candidate an offer just in time for Christmas, and then help them be at their desk by the 2nd of January.
  • Take advantage of the holidays. At Kingsley Recruitment, the 27th and 28th December are when we see the biggest uplift in applications. Time with friends and family causes many to re-evaluate their positions, hence the search for new jobs. Getting job adverts out in time for Christmas gives candidates plenty of time to apply for roles. So by starting now - you can take advantage of this period and attract quality talent.

Use professionals to recruit professionals

Our team of industry experts across the Legal and Property sectors means that we are able to evaluate the skill sets needed for your roles and determine the most qualified candidates.

We never slow down, because we know you need to ramp up in the New Year. So, now is the ideal time to contact us.