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New Year, Fresh Start: How to Get Ahead in 2019

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Hello Kingsley

Will 2019 be disruptive or productive?  Liverpool and Sefton Chamber of Commerce's Magazine "Well Connected" asked Kingsley Recruitment for their view in their January edition.

"2019 looks to be both promising in terms of growth opportunities for business in the North West, but also one of uncertainty around Brexit. With growth expectations constantly being revised it is hard to know where to put your efforts. 

Building a resilient workforce

There will be many challenges in 2019. Most notably, a potential loss of employees post-Brexit, coupled with skills shortages and changing job roles. Companies can build resilience, however, by ensuring they have both engaged and motivated workforces. Finding talent that is skilled in soft skills such as emotional intelligence, critical thinking and teamwork with also be vital. 

For those looking for a professional role, the new year is an opportune time to upskill.

Ensuring retention and engagement

It is also imperative to find candidates who are the right fit. Ones that can help companies achieve their strategic goals, hit targets and help break into new opportunities. Kingsley knows from experience that candidates who demonstrate a good fit to a company's culture make the best employees.

"We know our clients' work inside and out and that means that we know whether candidates will be a good fit with that clients' culture and goals." Found and Director of Kingsley, Caroline Kingsley, explains how they improve retention by "matching people beyond just the skills and requirements."

Increase collaboration with industry experts

According to the World Economic Forum, top skills over the next 10 years will focus on teamwork and collaborative working. The same applies on a business level. Using a collaborative talent partner with strong industry knowledge will give most companies an edge. Using a professional recruitment partner can result in smarter hiring decisions that can tap into passive talent pools. This can enable companies to proactively find talent, creating a 'recruitment bench' as opposed to reacting to sudden gaps.

With over 20 years experience as a Chartered Surveyor, Kingsley Director, Andrew Kingsley believes it is their experience that gives their agency the edge. 

"Our team has almost 100 years worth of experience; in surveying, architecture, house building and the legal sector. That's a huge breadth and depth of experience that we can draw on to benefit clients and candidates alike."

Optimise your professional profile

"Candidates and employees should be constantly updating and optimising their individual professional and company profiles. Look at managing your brand by engaging with your industry through social media. Connecting with groups and posting insightful articles will set you apart from other candidates. Even if you are not actively seeking, you still shouldn't neglect your online profile. So ensure that you are connected to the right people - in both your industry and in the recruitment industry."

Despite the gloom and doom in the headlines, Kingsley is optimistic for 2019. "With more investment in the North West and a construction boom, there has never been a more exciting time for us and for our clients. We have fantastic career opportunities with market-leading clients throughout the North-West."


If you are planning to grow in 2019 or looking for a new opportunity and would like some confidential and practical advice, please contact either Caroline or Andrew at Kingsley Recruitment on 0151 242 1630.