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Need professional workers on-demand? How to access talent for short term projects

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Caroline Kingsley

More and more employers are turning to recruitment agencies to strategically fill skills gaps, cover short term absences and cover busy periods. But there are a number of other added benefits for using freelance, contractor and interim professionals.

Rather than bringing in full-time employees, you can bring in consultants who have the skills you need right now.

Whether that is in delivering a short term project, change programme or driving through new regulations - short term hires are a cost-effective solution.

The talent marketplace is changing. Candidates are no longer looking for the ‘perfect’ job for life. They are looking for roles that they can extend their skills, build their experience and add to their job portfolios. The traditional linear CV has been thrown out of the window. Now recruiting algorithms search for skills, signs of emotional intelligence, critical thinking, problem management; not for signs of stability and loyalty to one company for decades. As recruiters too - we have placed quality candidates across sectors, finding them a match to the skills and culture of a company which has enabled them to thrive.

This isn’t the low paid, zero hours gig economy - this is a distinct new trend which the Harvard Business Review has termed, “the super-temp.” Professionals from middle manager up to board level are providing companies with an incredible amount of flexible skills to draw on, on demand.

What’s driving this change from permanent to temporary employment?

It is partly due to a rise in people wanting more control over their work/life balance. It is also partly due to people wanting to continually learn. Also to be able to get greater financial benefit and autonomy. Experience, not longevity is now king.

Employers too are also becoming more flexible with employment roles. Within the built environment and construction industries, employers are using short-term employment as a strategic way to manage projects.

Why you may need short term cover

There are a number of reasons why companies can require short term candidates:

  • To cover short term absences due to maternity or illness.

  • To fill a skills gap.

  • To find candidates with strategic experience to drive a project or programme

  • To cover peak/busy periods

  • To provide cover when a permanent position is taking a long time to fill

What are the key benefits of using flexible talent?

  • Flex your workforce to suit your balance sheet

  • Enables you to quickly grow your business and meet peaks in your demand

  • Increase your agility to take advantage of new opportunities

  • Ensure resilience in the economic climate

  • Access to expertise that may be above what you could pay a permanent employee

  • Get executive-level support with experienced short term interim professionals to drive a project

  • Acquire motivated self-starters who are fast learners and can cut through office politics to deliver

  • Manage your restructuring.


What are the tax implications?

IR35 ‘off payroll’ rules will be extended to the private sector in April 2020. Although there will be exceptions for small businesses.

We can work with you to help ensure you get the skilled candidates you need for the duration you want, with full support on IR35.

How can you get access to the talent that you need?

As we have been around for over a decade, Kingsley can call on their extensive network, quickly and effectively, delivering a high calibre of candidates when you most need it. By partnering with us you can be sure that you can draw on this pool as and when required.

We can identify candidates who have transferable skills - and perhaps candidates that you may not have considered, but who we believe are ideally matched to help support your business needs. We can manage your search and find temporary professionals from all levels from managers up to executive interim talent.

Our consultancy is unique in that it is made up of professionals with industry background. This means we are able to assess and determine quality candidates for your projects. We currently support a range of clients from Housing Associations, Housebuilders, Build & Design companies to National Property Consultancy companies.

Get in contact with us to find out how we can help you.