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Wanted: On-demand talent for professional roles

Copy Of Kingsley   Temp & Interim Campaign

Caroline Kingsley

Gone are the days where people had 30 years of service at the same company. Gone too is the notion of a temporary job being the preserve of the student.

Harvard Business review has called this new era the “Rise of The Supertemp.” Short term positions filled by highly-skilled professionals are now a highly desirable prospect. Holding a portfolio of jobs is quickly becoming the norm and what many employers now want to see on a CV.

With companies suffering from skills shortages and needing to be more agile to compete in the global market - short-term engagements are the perfect solution.

Within the built environment and construction sector, employers are looking for immediate solutions to their skills shortage.

For candidates, this demand for short term contracts offers a number of challenging and exciting opportunities. Short-term roles provide flexibility, competitive salaries and can even be a strategic move to enhance your career.

What types of roles are there?

We are seeing an increasing demand for experienced and senior staff for short term projects across the Built Environment and Property sectors. However, there are three main types of ‘short-term’ roles available - varying in seniority:

  • Interim - senior management required to deliver a change programme, manage a merger, crisis management or new regulatory chance or drive through a business improvement.
  • Consultants - experienced consultants provide expert knowledge and advice to companies. As an outside agent, they provide their knowledge to the company on a short term basis but are often not responsible for delivering a specific project.
  • Contractor - highly skilled, experienced professionals. Required to manage a project for a set period of time.
  • Freelancer - similar to a contractor, however, a freelancer may work on several projects on an hourly basis.
  • Temporary Worker - middle management roles required to staff short-term projects.

Our clients are looking for temporary executive appointments across all areas of the built environment, including Building Surveyors, Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Project Managers.

We are therefore looking to increase our network of experienced professionals who may already be working freelance but are looking for new challenges, the chance to increase their skills or to transfer sectors. 

Why take on a short-term post?

  1. Enter a different sector. You may have been in the same sector for many years, but want a change. We can help you find roles where you can easily transfer your skills.
  2. Try before you commit. If you are looking to change roles but are unsure in what area or what sector, this is an excellent way to build your experience.
  3. Get projects that help you re-position your career. Freelance and short term work enables you to choose your projects to fit any longer term goals you may have. Use this as a way to build a portfolio of skills for your ultimate job.
  4. Maintain skills level. You may have been made redundant and are holding out for the right permanent posting. Or you may have taken early retirement but are looking for short term engagement to keep your hand in and finance other plans. Keeping your skills up on a short project is the perfect solution. If you are job-seeking, sending out CVs and networking without results, a short term post will ensure you keep building. Plus it could open many more permanent opportunities than simply job application alone.
  5. Get access to dream jobs. Vacancies in high profile In-house roles may require long planning to fill permanently and need a short term fill. This is where you have the chance to acquire experience in positions that may have previously been out of reach.
  6. Get more day to day flexibility. Some of our candidates like to be able to travel for part of the year and work the other half. With an interim, contractor or temporary post, you get the flexibility to manage family and home commitments and have more control over your hours.

What can we offer you?

Kingsley work with major companies across the Property and Built Environment Sector. Our clients are looking to recruit for short term business projects and have competitive salaries to match.

We have an extensive network of clients that we work with on a daily basis and will be able to get you access to some quality interim and temporary opportunities.


Various assignments across all levels from a couple of weeks to 18 months.

Support with Payroll and Tax

We can provide you with full support regarding IR35 when it impacts the private sector next year.

Competitive salaries

Highly competitive day rates based on your skills and experience.

Opportunity to build your professional network

Working on short term projects will increase your professional network exponentially. The sky is the limit - as even C-Suite professionals are working on short term projects, providing the flexibility that companies need and getting massive benefits in return.

Careers no longer have a set trajectory. Start a relationship with us and build a great career with clients across the UK covering all areas of housing, construction and property.

If you are looking for a new opportunity and would like some confidential and practical advice, please contact either Caroline or Andrew at Kingsley Recruitment on 0151 242 1630.