Is this the New “Mum” Guilt?

Let's talk about "The New Mum Guilt" – that feeling we get when we're working from home and still feel guilty sending our kids off to school, especially on those dark, rainy mornings. I mean, come on, it's a bit ridiculous, right? We've served our time in school, but that guilt just won't go, even after surviving homeschooling during the pandemic (barely!).

So, picture this: you're in your weekend clothes, coffee in hand, trying to tackle your work emails, and outside, it's like Noah's Ark is setting sail again. Yet, there you are, sending your little ones off into the downpour while you stay cozy and dry inside. Cue the guilt trip!

In the good old days, working from home with the kids at school sounded like a dream come true. But reality check – it's more like a circus act, juggling work deadlines with school drop-offs and pick-ups, all while trying to keep your sanity intact.

And don't even get me started on the whole homeschooling saga. Who knew teaching long division could trigger PTSD flashbacks? So, why are we still feeling guilty about sending them off to the pros?

As a parent, especially in this era of remote work and fluctuating educational environments, the feeling of guilt can be all too familiar. However, what's increasingly prevalent is what I like to term as "The New Mum Guilt." This guilt arises from the conflicting emotions of working from home while sending our children off to school, particularly when faced with challenging weather conditions like darkness and rain. It might seem irrational at first glance, but it's a sentiment that many parents, myself included, grapple with on a regular basis.

In the past, the concept of a parent working from home while their children attend school might have seemed like an ideal scenario. After all, it offers the flexibility to be present for both work commitments and family responsibilities. Yet, the reality often paints a different picture, one coloured with a tinge of guilt.

The evolution of the workplace, spurred by technological advancements and the COVID-19 pandemic, has significantly altered the dynamics of parenting and work-life balance. While remote work has its advantages, such as increased flexibility and reduced commute times, it has also blurred the lines between professional and personal life. As a result, parents find themselves juggling multiple roles simultaneously, often feeling torn between competing priorities.

For many of us, sending our children to school in adverse weather conditions triggers a sense of unease and guilt. We question whether we're making the right decision by prioritising our work over spending time with our children during their morning routines. It's a complex emotional battle between fulfilling our professional obligations and nurturing our parental instincts.

The irrationality of this guilt becomes apparent when we consider the fact that attending school is a routine part of childhood – The best years of my life I was always being told?!?!!

We've all experienced it ourselves, yet somehow, when it comes to our own children, the emotions are amplified. It's as though every decision we make carries the weight of their happiness and well-being.

Moreover, the experience of homeschooling during the pandemic has left many parents scarred, myself included. The challenges, uncertainties, and added responsibilities of overseeing our children's education from home have left a lasting impact. Despite this, the guilt persists, reminding us of our perceived shortcomings as parents.

So, how do we navigate this new “mum” guilt?

First off, let's cut ourselves some slack. We're doing the best we can in a new world where multitasking has become our middle name.

Secondly, let's remind ourselves why we're doing what we're doing. Whether it's chasing career goals or simply paying the bills, to give our kids the best opportunities we can.

And let's not forget to find the humour in all of this chaos. Laughing at the absurdity of it all can be the best therapy.

Lastly, let's cherish those precious moments we do get with our little darlings. Whether it's snuggling up on the sofa with a movie or having a dance party in the kitchen, those are the memories that count and enjoy quality time over quantity.

So, fellow guilt-ridden mums and dads, let's embrace the madness, laugh off the guilt, and remember – we're all in this together, rain or shine!

Posted by: Kingsley Recruitment