Navigating the Property Job Market: The Importance of Quantifying Accomplishments

In a recent team discussion, we identified a recurring challenge for candidates in today’s competitive market: the increased emphasis on quantifiable accomplishments, such as increases in fee revenue, new clients or work secured and team growth during the screening and interview process. This trend makes sense—while anyone can highlight their strengths in an interview, the ability to provide a meaningful explanation of achievements, backed by relevant statistics, gives interviewers a true sense of a candidate’s ability to deliver results.

We've previously discussed the importance of being specific about accomplishments when crafting a CV or preparing for an interview. However, our client companies are placing renewed emphasis on delving into these specifics. This shift likely reflects the current competitive nature or the consultancy landscape. Companies now need leaders who can demonstrate measurable results, across all areas of the business, including staff retention, as well as client satisfaction. As salaries continue to increase, so to, does the expectation put on senior level candidates to be able to deliver.

What Success Requires

When speaking with a prospective employer, it's essential to articulate your success stories, not just in general terms but in detailed explanations of how you achieved those results. Each success story should include:

  • The Challenge: What problem or obstacle did you face?
  • The Solution: What strategy did you develop to address the challenge?
  • Collaboration: Who were the key partners involved in implementing the solution?
  • The Results: What were the measurable outcomes of your efforts?
  • Replication: How would you replicate this success in a new environment?

Effort vs. Brand Momentum

Candidates must clarify the specifics of their achievements, such as the percentage increase compared to the previous year and the business plan. How does this compare to the company's overall trend? It's crucial to differentiate between personal efforts and simply riding the wave of a successful business. Focus on key measureables and explain how you hold your team accountable for achieving them.

The Interviewer's Role

Interviewers also need to ask the right questions to elicit detailed success stories from candidates. It's essential for the interview to be a two-way exchange, with the interviewer guiding the conversation to uncover specific examples of the candidate’s achievements. We've often heard candidates say their interview was conversational but lacked in-depth questions, resulting in feedback from clients that they didn't hear enough specific examples.

Articulating Achievements

For both candidates and interviewers, focusing on the details is crucial. Candidates must be prepared to articulate their job successes in enough detail to demonstrate their accountability for those wins. To ensure interview success, think about these questions in advance, write down the details of your answers, and practice telling your story.

Remember: To qualify for a great job, you need to quantify your successes. Quantifying your achievements can unlock unparalleled opportunities.

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