Fostering a Welcoming Culture: Companies Embrace a Subtle Approach to New Staff Introductions

As we head into the New Year, many firms will announce new team members on social media.

My pet hate is companies announcing new appointments on Social Media, referring to them as a “New Starter”! Who would want to be called a new starter??? Your new employee has a name, and a job title, so use it, they are not part of a three course dinner!

In the ever-evolving landscape of workplace dynamics, the onboarding process plays a pivotal role in shaping an employee's initial experience with a company. Traditionally, organisations have been quick to announce new hires on social media platforms, celebrating the arrival of fresh talent with enthusiasm. However, a shift towards a more nuanced and thoughtful approach is emerging, as companies recognise the importance of fostering a welcoming environment without inadvertently setting the wrong tone. In this blog, we explore the benefits of embracing subtlety in introducing new staff and the impact it can have on company culture.

The Pitfalls of Traditional Social Media Announcements:

While the intention behind sharing new hires on social media is often positive – showcasing growth, diversity, and success – it can unintentionally create pressure for the new employee. Such public announcements may inadvertently set expectations, creating a sense of scrutiny that can be overwhelming for someone just starting their journey with the company.

Moreover, the traditional approach may contribute to an atmosphere where individuals feel the need to prove themselves immediately, potentially hindering the natural learning curve and integration into the company culture. Recognising these drawbacks, forward-thinking organisations are re-evaluating their onboarding strategies.

The Power of Subtle Introductions:

A growing number of companies are now adopting a more discreet approach to introducing new staff. Rather than broadcasting the news to the world, they focus on creating a supportive environment that allows employees to settle in organically. Here are some key benefits of this subtle approach:

  • Reduced Pressure: By avoiding public announcements, companies help new hires ease into their roles without the added pressure of immediate expectations. This allows individuals to familiarise themselves with their responsibilities at their own pace, contributing to a smoother transition.
  • Authentic Connection: Subtle introductions encourage authentic connections between team members. Colleagues can get to know the new staff member personally rather than forming preconceived notions based on a social media post. This fosters genuine relationships that are built on mutual understanding and shared experiences.
  • Focus on Collaboration: A low-key introduction allows teams to prioritize collaboration over individual achievements. By emphasizing the collective effort, companies can cultivate a culture where every team member's contribution is valued, creating a sense of unity and shared purpose.
  • Emphasis on Company Values: Subtle introductions provide an opportunity for companies to highlight their values and commitment to employee well-being. This approach signals that the organization prioritizes the long-term success and integration of its team members rather than seeking immediate external validation.


As workplaces continue to evolve, the way companies introduce new staff plays a crucial role in shaping the overall employee experience. Shifting from the traditional social media announcements to a more subtle approach allows organisations to prioritise authenticity, collaboration, and a supportive work environment. By doing so, companies can contribute to the creation of a culture where individuals feel valued, connected, and empowered to thrive in their roles.

Posted by: Kingsley Recruitment